Where to get ht://Dig

ht://Dig Copyright © 1995-2003 The ht://Dig Group
Please see the file COPYING for license information.

The ht://Dig source releases are available from multiple sources around the world. Note that releases are as a gzipped tar file (.tar.gz). You will need the GNU gunzip program, part of the gzip package, to extract the files in the archive. You can get the latest version of any of the GNU tools from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/.

The latest documentation of ht://Dig is always available at http://www.htdig.org/ or any of the ht://Dig mirrors. The documentation for the latest beta release can be found at http://www.htdig.org/dev/htdig-3.2/, or the dev/htdig-3.2 subdirectory of most mirrors.

Site Stable Release (3.1.6)Beta Release (3.2.0b6) Prior ReleasesContributed Binaries
htdig.org (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP)
htdig.sourceforge.net (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP)
download.sourceforge.net (HTTP) (FTP)   (HTTP) (FTP)  
opdenbrouw.nl (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP)
gnu.kookel.org (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP) (HTTP)

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