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The ht://Dig project has certainly represented the starting point for the development of other applications and libraries; many developers have been able to learn lots of things from this package, and also to give something to its evolution. In other words, to share knowledge and technology between applications.

And so, other projects have come out, by working together with ht://Dig's development or using ht://Dig as a search package internally. In this section, we would like to list them. And if your project is not listed below, drop us a line at and we'll be glad to add it here.

  • ConfigDig
  • ht://Check
  • mifluz

  • ConfigDig

    Maintainer: James Tillman - US
    Homepage URL:
    Description: ConfigDig is a project using Perl to help design a user-friendly front end to configure ht://Dig setups. This can provide a console, GUI, or web interface to scheduling indexing, editing configuration files, etc.


    Maintainer: Gabriele Bartolini - Prato - Italy
    Homepage URL:
    Description: It is more than a link checker. It's a console application written for Linux systems in C++. It can retrieve information through HTTP/1.1 and store them in a MySQL database, and it's particularly suitable for small Internet domains or Intranet. Its purpose is to help a webmaster managing one or more related sites. It comes also with a PHP interface for getting the results.


    Maintainer: Loic Dachary - Paris - France
    Homepage URL:
    Description: Mifluz is a full text indexing library, inspired by the initial htword code from the ht://Dig 3.2 code. It now forms a standalone library and continues to form the base of the ht://Dig 3.2 development.

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