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The ht://Dig webpages and files are now being shared on an increasing number of servers. For more instructions on setting up a server, please see our mirroring instructions. Additionally, for list of sites mirroring just the releases, see our "where to get it" guide.
This list is (very approximately) listed west to east.
Note: we try to keep this list up to date as much as possible, with reliable mirrors, but we cannot guarantee that every site is fully up to date. If you are in doubt, please consult the ht://dig main web site. Please report dead or broken links to the developer list.

OrganisationCountryMain SiteDeveloper Site FilesPatch Archive
ht://Dig U.S.A. (HTTP) (FTP)   (HTTP)(FTP)  
Oxxus U.S.A., New Zealand (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Binary Compass U.S.A. (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Trexle U.S.A. (TX) (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Feratech U.S.A. (MA) (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Onino United Kingdom (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
COMPeng htdig web hosting Canada (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Op den Brouw Web Site Netherlands (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP) GNU Mirrors Netherlands (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
EPFL Switzerland (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
RackBase Germany (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
NetMirror Germany (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Miscellaneous Data Germany (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
PLUG Prato Linux User Group Italy (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP) Denmark (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Trez0r Poland (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
FYXM Slovakia (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Atlas Telecom Romania (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Romanian Education Network Romania     (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Tsuren.Net Russian Federation (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Directi Web Hosting India (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)
Ilisys dedicated hosting Australia (HTTP) (FTP) (HTTP) (FTP)

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